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Solar PV for Businesses

Solar PV is a natural, renewable energy source, ideal for powering business premises. We are highly experienced in the installation of solar panels and batteries on a wide-range of business and commercial premises across the UK.

We Provide Commercial Solar PV Installations for UK Businesses Nationwide

At D Cookman Electrical Ltd, we are a professional electrical team based in Dunstable, offering our solar PV services to commercial businesses looking to switch their current energy provider to a renewable solution. Our specialists have been working in the trade for many years, making us widely skilled in all areas of solar PV planning and installations. This ensures all of our solar PV systems are installed meticulously, leaving our customers overjoyed with their results, every time.

We understand the extreme costs of energy and the pressure this puts on businesses within the commercial sector. With this, at D Cookman Electrical Ltd, we cover every base with our commercial renewable solar PV systems, assisting local businesses that are looking to lower their monthly costs whilst also improving their carbon footprint.

Solar PV is a natural energy alternative which relies solely on the rays of the sun. This renewable energy works by absorbing the rays of the sun through the PV cells within each panel, transmitting electrical currents to the property in order to power it. Therefore, the natural source of the sun running solar PV systems makes this a highly reliable method of powering business premises.

Some of the many benefits that come with commercial solar PV energy systems include:

  • Reliability
  • Lower energy costs & business output
  • Decreased greenhouse emissions
  • Lowers carbon footprint
  • Battery storage options
  • Low maintenance system
  • Safety

At D Cookman Electrical Ltd, we strongly emphasise the importance of seeking professional assistance from an experienced team like ourselves when it comes to solar PV planning and installations, to ensure each stage of the process is conducted in a way that is most suitable to the commercial premises specifically.

How We Work

Planning and preparation are important to us at D Cookman Electrical Ltd. To ensure all systems are optimal and working at their fullest and highest potential, we call out to each commercial property at the beginning of the service to assess and determine the required number of panels to power the premises efficiently, and the solar panel location and positioning. This way, the installation process of each service runs smoothly, limiting the chances of any issues arising during and after the system installation.

We like to reassure our customers that safety plays a significant role in all of our services at D Cookman Electrical Ltd. As a professional team, we adhere to all regulations for the duration of our time working in any commercial environment and also ensure our results comply with current standards and requirements before finishing each service. This means you can put your confidence in us that your business is in safe, trustworthy hands and at the end of your service, you can be sure that your new solar PV system meets all health and safety regulations.

For more information on commercial solar PV systems, or to arrange your service with our team at D Cookman Electrical Ltd, give us a call today on 07784 033 084.

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All jobs are undertaken with the utmost care and consideration for you, your property and your neighbours.

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